You’re Invited: An Adventure, A Journey And A Party All Rolled Into One

Dear darling readers,

I do not know who you are or who you will become. I do know you are wonderful and I value you, each and every one of you. Yes, you too. I value you.

Good Things Darling is more than a blog to me. It’s three words that capture the spirit of my late and darling friend Gemma Taccogna. She was also my mentor in a creative way of life. When I first moved to California, she welcomed me with open arms and cups of coffee into her studio and community of friends, artists and “famiglia.” Everything and everyone was abundant with love and creativity. For almost exactly five years, Gemma’s studio was a creative oasis for me. I’d paint and create and laugh and cry and through it all so much changed. I went from caterpillar to butterfly and back again. I learned to draw with my eyes closed, to trust my instincts more than I ever had before, to get in touch with my creative fountainhead. I was splendid. I was brave. And I made about a million pieces of art each of which holds a universe of secrets and discoveries about my thoughts, hopes, fears and celebrations.

Gemma Taccogna and Melissa Renzi
One of my favorite pictures of Gemma and me. Summer of 2006.

As this journey unfolds, I will tell you more about Gemma. She’s a big part of my story, my journey and my history. She also taught me to “live in the now with the responsibility for tomorrow” so I will not only be looking backwards on these amazing and valuable memories but looking ahead to a bright and brilliant future. I will also be sharing celebrations of this very present moment. Like right now, I’ve just come back from a walk around my neighborhood in Los Angeles. The cars are whizzing by on our very busy street but the slow breeze is moving the palms of the tree out my window so slowly and gracefully that it’s genuinely poetic. To me, that’s a good thing.

Other good things: Said The Butterfly. My brand new line of inspired cards, gifts and creations. I am winging it and figuring out how to launch this passion of mine as a business. I learn as I go. More good things: Something delightful I’ve stumbled upon. A person I just have to introduce you to. A shelf in my studio that I continually rearrange full of pictures and treasures. These are the things you can come to expect from me and from this blog. One day it will be a book. I’ve written exactly one chapter so far. I love it already. You just wait and see. I will thank you in the thank you section because already you’ve helped me fly.

Right now, I thank you for being a part of this journey. For reading these words. For sharing them with people you care about. This is an adventure, a journey and a party all rolled into one. I will leave you with the parting wish that Gemma left me and countless other lucky artists and friends. It’s a wish, a promise, a peek and a hope. As Gemma would say, “Good things darling.”

Thank you for reading this. I’m excited to share this journey with you. With love and gratitude, Melissa Renzi

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12 thoughts on “You’re Invited: An Adventure, A Journey And A Party All Rolled Into One”

  1. Congratulations Melissa!
    I love your website and your blog (especially what you named it), it warmed my heart and made me think about when mom would say those loving words. I also loved all your thoughts about creativity, they are all very encouraging and inspiring.
    I’m so happy I am at Anthony and Francesca’s place and checked my e-mail and noticed yours!
    Lot’s of love,

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