Thrilling The Little Kid In Me

The little kid in me got such a thrill of delight out of this repurposed vintage gumball toy bubble machine. Bob even put two shiny quarters in for me to buy me a ‘petite poem’ and maybe even one of those trinket treasures, too. My heart sank as nothing came out. But the true prize is that my wheels are turning… How can I score one of these little machines and repurpose it into my very own creation? I love stuff like this, seeing how creative minds tick tick tick.


Facing Fears and Having Fun

Taking Mr. P to his first swimming lesson: you would have thought I was going to MY first day of school. I was all nervous anticipation. How do I get there? Where do we go? Where are the changing rooms? Did I pack everything? What will the other students and parents be like? Will I like the teacher? Will the teacher like me and Mr. P?

That was about six weeks ago. It was fine. Not amazing or surprisingly wonderful or horrible. Just plain fine. Mr. P was kind of frozen the whole time, in shock. He did all the little exercises and we sang all the songs and he went under water the very first time, just like all the other babies. But instead of getting more comfortable in the water each week, he seemed to get less comfortable.

Each week his shock slowly turned into stone cold fear. He would be frozen with me and then when the teacher who take him he’d scream bloody murder, looking at me desperately to help him, reaching for me and wondering why I was putting him through this. It was kind of horrible. So much so that I thought of changing teachers. I thought of not giving him to the teacher for those parts of the class and just holding him myself. One week, the teacher got injured and the swim school called to cancel the class. Poor guy, but I was so relieved we didn’t have class that day. I couldn’t bear to put my lil angel through the “torture” that swimming lessons were slowly becoming.

The following week we showed up as normal, we had about 4 or 5 classes under our belt by now. Mr. P surprised me by giving the teacher the biggest smile on our way into the pool. The teacher gestured for Mr. P to give him a high five. And he did. (Daddy had been working on this ‘trick’ for weeks at home and it was so fun/awesome to see it in action.) We jumped right into the group welcome song fun – the Hokey Pokey where all the parents and babies stand in a circle in the pool motioning their babies hands and feet along with “swim-specific” lyrics. So adorable. And suddenly, I realized something. Mr. P wasn’t scared. He was comfortable. He was adjusting to the teacher and the water and he was even starting to have a little fun. Aaaaaaaaah, Mommy giant exhale.

Today he splashed for the first time all by himself. One day he will be a splashing machine and I will have to be reigning him in from all the splashing. But today, I am celebrating the simple joy that is my baby figuring out that moving his arms up and down on top of the water splashes water everywhere. He loved it. It’s kind of addictive, that kind of fun. That kind of reckless abandon. Seeing my lil guy go from shock to frozen fear to desperate tears to being so comfortable that he’s splashing and smiling. Happiness is…. this.

Today was also special because Daddy came to watch the swimming lesson for the first time. It was fun to peek at him watching us in action. He took a million pictures and video, too. Here’s a favorite. One of our favorite mommy and baby friends was in class today with us too. Such a good time! It’s official: Mr. P and Mommy both love swimming lessons now.

And I realize, it wasn’t necessarily the teacher he was afraid of. But the newness of it all: the pool, the teacher, going under water, the commotion, the noise. And week by week, it slowly become less and less terrifying. More and more familiar. Just like everything. And it reminds me to be willing to face my own fears, week after week, until one day they are so not scary anymore. Until they become fun. Thanks for the lesson, Mr. P.

What were you once afraid of that’s now become fun? TELL ME PEOPLE! I love love love hearing from you. And to all of you who like my Facebook posts, comment on FB and comment here below the blog, I love you. And those that text or email, I love you too. It’s so motivating hearing from you. I love it and appreciate it. And those who read but don’t comment, I love you too! XOXO

Good things, darlings.



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We Have A Winner!

We have so many reasons to celebrate! First of all, thank you everyone for all of your wonderful emails about my official launch of the Said The Butterfly website and this very blog, Good Things Darling. The Facebook fan page has been there since April and it’s been encouraging to share developments baby step by baby step. The community is growing and it’s just plain awesome. For me, it’s like the sunshine in the quote that inspired Said The Butterfly from the very beginning.

I decided it was time to celebrate with a surprise giveaway. Tonight was the drawing. I thought it would be much more special and fun if I shared it with you so here’s how it all went down. First, I wrote every single one of Said The Butterfly’s 149 Facebook fans names on a little piece of paper. I had a grateful moment with each of you as I used my extra-special LePen to write your name in cursive on scrap paper.

What better “hat” to draw from than this head vase by Gemma? This was the very first piece I bought when I started collecting Gemma’s work. I have so many now I’ve lost count. One of these days I’ll share my whole collection. For now, I thought it was the perfect way to kickoff the fun. I can just hear Gemma proclaiming it a “parteeee!”

Then I decided I could shuffle all the names better if they were in a bowl. So I shook it up and down like popcorn to mix up all the possible winners. Did you feel yourself with the sudden inclination to jump up and down? If so, now you know why.

Then I put all the names back in the Gemma head vase…

And drew the winner. Congratulations to you, Elise Palinkas. You are now the winner of your pick of any 5 Said The Butterfly cards.

Take your pick. Let me know which 5 you’d like and I will mail them to you.

As promised, we’ll do this again TWICE when we reach 200 fans on Facebook. Tell your friends and let’s all get in on the creativity and the good times together.

I’m looking forward to some major studio time this weekend and I can’t wait to share some works in progress with you. Stay tuned darling readers. Until then, good things to you. Melissa