Taking Mental Pictures

Day 8 of this commitment to daily blogging.

How often do I look at life through the iPhone trying to capture the perfect picture of Mr. P in action. I take a million pictures and yeah, oh yeah, I am having a blast on Instagram, Vine, Facebook, you name it, taking and sharing pictures and video. But it’s occurring to me right now, that I don’t have any pictures or video of today. And I kind of love that. So I am going to share with you some mental pictures I took throughout the day:

-This morning at breakfast, Mr. P in his diaper in the highchair with berries smeared all over his face while Bob and I ate our abundant bowls of berries and greek yogurt and chia.

-This afternoon sitting under a tree at a nearby park with our mommy and baby friends, Mr. P chomping on a carrot that he stole from one of his buddies while playing with a spoon that he’d borrowed from another pal. Feeling so blessed to be part of such a loving community.

-Sleepy Mr. P and I on the bed, me having rescued him from the crib after a 50 minute nap, hoping with some nursing and cuddling I could get him to go down for just a little longer. He did. But as I tried to sneak away to write this very blog he woke up. Teething baby wanting mommy a little (ok, A LOT) extra.

-Hanging out in the kitchen, my hands covered in oatmeal and almond butter and maple syrup and all the ingredients of these minimalist baker granola bars I was making. Mr. P sitting in the highchair putting frozen peas in his mouth, one by one. The phone rings. It’s my parents, we Facetime. I prop the phone up on the counter in between the oatmeal cannister and a cucumber so they can chat with their grandbaby. Mr. P waves with both hands.

-Mr. P’s smile: wide and silly with wonder and joy, half-formed tooth pointing out, his famous big tooth front and center, a few others working their way in like a roughly cut jack-o-lantern with misshapen teeth in all kinds of odd angles and sizes that look, altogether, exactly right.

-Me, right now, sitting cross-legged on the pulled out bottom of the trundle bed, the laptop on my lap, the reflection of the dimming sky on my screen. The window open letting in the breeze and the shushing sound of traffic slowing down for the day. The sporadic sounds of a tired baby coming from the other room. Daddy doing bedtime so I can finish this before I head off to my much-anticipated Moms night out with the aforementioned mamas.

How lovely it was to relive those moments and paint their pictures for you with words. I’ll find a picture to share, from another day. That’s all for now, darling readers. That’s all for now. Thank you for being here with me.

Will you share a mental picture from your day with me in the comments? I’d absolutely love it.

Good things,


PS – Posting without a picture for now! Time is up!

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