A Day In Pictures: Stems Mother’s Day Art Show

I had such a great time at the Mother’s Day show at Stems Floral Design last weekend. It was an exciting day debuting the new line of Said The Butterfly originals plus all kinds of new items including bookmarks, notebooks and tiles. Most of all I loved sharing all of this with great friends old and new. So much to tell, so much to share. I’ll let the photos do most of the talking.

Here I am all set up and ready to go:

I can’t even tell you how exciting it is seeing all twenty originals as cards as last.

Tiles! Brand new Said The Butterfly offering…

Part of my new improved display thanks to soooo much new knowledge and inspiration from the Craftcation Indie Business and DIY conference I went to in late March.

First buyer of the day. She got teary eyed when she saw the “You’re My Favorite Song” card. I love love love knowing what speaks to people. I also love that that line came from a poem I wrote for my husband Bob for his 30th birthday a few years ago.

And there’s Bob! Taking a yoga break/lesson from Lincoln. Bob needed the break after helping me setup all morning. Lincoln is such a great teacher!

Lincoln picked out a few things. So did his Mama.

Bookmarks for Mother’s Day! Anthony, Francesca and Giana. They were going to add these to their Mother’s Day cards. Good thinking…

The Lublin clan. I think they bought one of everything, including an original. Selling an original is always especially meaningful to me. This one was “Life is one great big unfolding yes.” Jenn is the inspired and gifted photographer behind my recent Said The Butterfly photo shoot.

Maria! A Mother’s Day gift :)

I bet Judy is going to fill up this whole journal. How exciting :)

A print for Susan. “Every time I think of you I smile inside and out.” I am so in love with seeing which pieces speak to people.

Bernadette spotting! Bern is my oldest (as in I have known her the very longest since freshman year in high school back east) friend in LA and one of the most avid readers I know.

You guessed it! That’s my sister Lauren making a few Said The Butterfly purchases. I love that she didn’t even know I had tiles. It’s not often that Lauren does not know something about me. Is that smile priceless or what?

Courtney brings in the aloha…

A journal for Christina’s mom :) Christina was also selling her amazing creations at this show. Keep scrolling, you’ll see.

Gemma Del Rio and her magnificent scarves. I love how bright they are. They look so great blowing in the breeze. Peacocks and butterflies and leaves and flowers and abstracts, oh my!

Sarah Munoz of TSB Designs. That’s short for The Space Between. Her jewelry is stunning and so unique. Happy to say I have several pieces I’ve gotten as gifts from my sister.

Christina Pezzolo and her magical mermaid handmade wrap towels. I love how her daughter was her model in those photos in the front. Priceless!

There were about nine of us artists. I didn’t get pictures of everyone, but there was so much creativity flowing that day.

Happy shoppers, sunny gorgeous day. On more than one instance I found myself saying “I feel like I’m in a movie set.” That’s how charming Stems is.

More happy shoppers…

Yes, that is the ocean right across the way from Stems and its home in magical Malaga Cove. This place will always have an extra special place in my heart because my sweet, darling mentor and friend Gemma Taccogna‘s studio was in Malaga Cove for years way back when, way before my time here in Los Angeles. But her tile work is still all over the plaza… and of course, so is her spirit.

A big Said The Butterfly thank you to Katie, the owner of Stems and the mastermind behind this fabulous show. Thank you Katie!

My next show is Patchwork Culver City and I’m super-beyond-excited for that too.

Thank you friends old and new, near and far for showing me so much love that day. You are appreciated more than you’ll ever know. And thank you darling readers for reading this, for being here, for being you!

Love, Melissa


Become a fan of the Said The Butterfly Facebook page here. When we reach 203 fans (three is my lucky number!) we’re having a party-style-drawing for a journal. Who’s gonna win? Will it be you???

Happy Birthday Team Said The Butterfly

This is the flagship piece for Said The Butterfly. Full of treasures, flowers, little hand-carved skulls and mostly, filled with love and inspiration.

Exactly a year ago today I launched the Said The Butterfly page on Facebook. I sat there and held my breath as one by one friends and followers discovered the page and clicked the famed “Like” button. Then, finally, I relaxed into it and suddenly there were so many of you. It felt so amazing to “get it out there.” Now a year later, it feels so energizing to have a place to instantly share thoughts and discoveries and most of all, to share new work. For example, last week I shared the just-finished “Forever Starts Today” and it was beyond energizing to keep getting so many thumbs ups! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

If this is your very first time reading about Said The Butterfly, please know I am so glad you are here. And I would love for you to join in on the creativity and inspiration. If you haven’t seen the Said The Butterfly website, you can check it out here. If you are so inspired, please “like” the Said The Butterfly Facebook page here. I promise to only share the positive, the beautiful, the magic, the soulful and of course… the creative.

As a special first birthday present to all of you supporters and believers in Said The Butterfly, I want to extend a 15% discount on any purchase made in my Said The Butterfly Etsy shop to all the likers/lovers of the Facebook page. This offer will be good for a whole week: from today until Monday April 9th at noon. (Good news, if you are just liking the Facebook page now, you can still get the discount!) The super secret coupon code is SAIDTHEBUTTERFLYONE.

With love and gratitude,

What’s the opposite of bicoastal?

Hi darlings,

Today’s my first full day of being uno-coastal. Or would it be mono-coastal? All I know is it’s a beautiful change and I’m happy to be home in LA. Sweet, sweet home.

Here’s an excerpt from the goodbye email I sent to my friends at Sawtooth, the amazing NJ-based ad agency that was my reason for being bicoastal these three plus years. It was a tough decision, but deep in my heart I knew it was time.

After three plus years traveling between Los Angeles and New Jersey, I’ve decided to be in Los Angeles full time as of 2012.

Working at Sawtooth has been an amazing adventure for me. So, too, has been the bicoastal life that’s unfolded as a result of my genuine love for being here.

I’m excited to begin the next chapter of my life propelled by all the momentum I’ve gained by working with you all. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

So here I am, writing to you live from the next chapter. I am so excited to see what unfolds. And I will be sure to share it will all of you.

The photo above is from the last night of our roadtrip driving my car and all of our acquired east coast treasures home to LA. As the moon hung bright over Sedona, I took a deep breath, snapped this picture and breathed in and out. ‘Thank you, thank you.’

Good things.


7 Things A Commission Means to Me

A commission is the greatest honor and energizer for an artist. Here I am working on my latest commission.

And here’s the final piece hung in its beautiful home.

Many Moons. Mixed Media on Canvas. 3 24x24 panels. Melissa Renzi, 2011.

So far, in my creative life, I’ve completed three official commissions and I have two on the horizon. A commission means so much to me. It means:

1. You trust me and my creative vision.

2. We will work together in some way, shape or form to co-create the co-existence of something that never existed before. Commission breaks down to co-mission. I see us as co-pilots.

3. I have a down payment and a deadline. These are two of the greatest motivators.

4. You love my work and are ready to pay me to create something for you.

5. We will no doubt form some special bond born of people work together to make something happen.

6. There’s a defined beginning, middle and end. Beginning = you commissioning me and me meeting with you to get input and inspiration. Middle = the act of creating and making and painting and looking and listening and discovering and suddenly, it’s done. End = me delivering the commission to you. As Seth Godin would say, that’s shipping. As an artist, there’s no greater way to ship than to deliver the painting. To unveil the work. To revel in the birth of a new work.

7. Something great is about to unfold in my life. I say this from experience. So far every time I’ve gotten a commission the energy created has magnetized and attracted far more good things than I could ever imagine.

A Brilliant and Beautiful Life

Hi darlings,

Today’s good thing is a project that felt so good. This fall, I was in project mode. Bob and I were striving to get all the art and photos up on the walls. This is a problem of abundance because I have so many paintings I can’t keep up with hanging them. Also, we have so many amazing photos it’s sometimes a challenge to find a place to hang them. We decided to hang them all together on the blank canvas of our hallway:

We laid out all the pictures to assess what we had:

We used the table as a staging area to lay out the design. We decided to use the gift I got Bob last year for Christmas as the focal point. It made sense thematically because these are all photos of our brilliant and beautiful life.

Here’s a close up of the quote. This speaks to me on so many levels. The “invisible thread” and being open to it and following its path have led me to where I am today. Look close and you’ll see a ticket in the frame on the left. That’s the ticket for the boxing match where I met Bob as we both followed our invisible threads.

Here’s the whole hallway. We decided we’re going to have a bulletin board on the right so we can be always adding and updating the wall. It’s just like life. A brilliant and beautiful work in progress. I can’t walk through this hallway without smiling.

I’ll leave you with the text of the words. I found this for Bob in a tiny gift shop in Asbury Park, New Jersey. I don’t know who wrote this, but I do know I love this and have always somehow lived my life this way:

An invisible thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle but it will never break. May you be open to each thread that comes into your life – the golden ones and the coarse ones – and may you weave them into a brilliant and beautiful life.

As we all enter the holiday season, let’s remember to be open. There are invisible threads everywhere.

Good things, Melissa

A Basket of Dreams for the Dwelling Place

Well hello darlings. It’s been a while. A long wonderful while. I have so much to tell you. I’ve decided I’m going to tell you one thing a day. So today, here’s my thing. In the spirit of “Good Things Darling” I promise it will always be a good thing.

Today’s good thing: This past October, I was happy to donate a basket to the Silent Auction for the Dwelling Place of New York Fall Gala. The Dwelling Place is a transitional shelter for women in midtown Manhattan. I’ve gotten to know this amazing place very well these past few years and have been on the Gala committee thanks to my dear friends and coworkers at Sawtooth. In full Said The Butterfly style, I created the “Said The Butterfly Basket of Dreams.” It was three framed posters, a set of ten cards and other goodies like a journal and colored pencils. This was very exciting because:

a) I love the Dwelling Place.
b) It felt so good to be donating something that I loved creating.
c) It marked the official launch of Said The Butterfly posters onto the planet earth.
d) The basket got lots of attention at the Gala and there was even a bidding war.
e) I raised money for a place I love doing what I love. That’s my idea of success.

Here’s me shopping for the perfect basket. I can’t even tell you how excited I was to find a basket exactly the width of the frame. Score!

Here’s the set of three framed posters.

And here’s the whole shabang!

A big thanks to many of you who bought raffle tickets, too! If you haven’t had a chance to “meet” the Dwelling Place yet, check out their site here. You may just fall in love. I know I did.

We Have A Winner!

We have so many reasons to celebrate! First of all, thank you everyone for all of your wonderful emails about my official launch of the Said The Butterfly website and this very blog, Good Things Darling. The Facebook fan page has been there since April and it’s been encouraging to share developments baby step by baby step. The community is growing and it’s just plain awesome. For me, it’s like the sunshine in the quote that inspired Said The Butterfly from the very beginning.

I decided it was time to celebrate with a surprise giveaway. Tonight was the drawing. I thought it would be much more special and fun if I shared it with you so here’s how it all went down. First, I wrote every single one of Said The Butterfly’s 149 Facebook fans names on a little piece of paper. I had a grateful moment with each of you as I used my extra-special LePen to write your name in cursive on scrap paper.

What better “hat” to draw from than this head vase by Gemma? This was the very first piece I bought when I started collecting Gemma’s work. I have so many now I’ve lost count. One of these days I’ll share my whole collection. For now, I thought it was the perfect way to kickoff the fun. I can just hear Gemma proclaiming it a “parteeee!”

Then I decided I could shuffle all the names better if they were in a bowl. So I shook it up and down like popcorn to mix up all the possible winners. Did you feel yourself with the sudden inclination to jump up and down? If so, now you know why.

Then I put all the names back in the Gemma head vase…

And drew the winner. Congratulations to you, Elise Palinkas. You are now the winner of your pick of any 5 Said The Butterfly cards.

Take your pick. Let me know which 5 you’d like and I will mail them to you.

As promised, we’ll do this again TWICE when we reach 200 fans on Facebook. Tell your friends and let’s all get in on the creativity and the good times together.

I’m looking forward to some major studio time this weekend and I can’t wait to share some works in progress with you. Stay tuned darling readers. Until then, good things to you. Melissa

The World Beyond The Painting

In my last post, you saw my most recent painting: Dream of the Sunrise Diver.

What you didn’t see is the world that existed beyond the painting. The tubes of paint and the kitchen-table-turned-ideal-studio space that, to me, in moments of total awareness and appreciation, became just as colorful and inspiring as the painting itself. I knew this was happening as it happened and I took a ton of photos of the still lifes that created themselves as I worked. Here are a few of my favorites:

If you’re new to Good Things Darling, I’d love you to check out my first post, a letter to you darling readers. And my second post, ten reasons to subscribe to this very blog.

That’s all for now, darlings. Have a wonderful evening, wherever you are. I hope you notice the natural compositions in your world. I hope I do too. Good things, Melissa