My Art Home: The Word Is Art Gallery

In between where I live and downtown Culver City, on the corner of Venice and Bagley, there’s a beautiful building I’ve long admired. One day, when Mr. P was just barely two months old (8 weeks and three days as we counted in those early, foggy days), he and I made the grand voyage from home to downtown.

Then, this felt like eons away. In reality, it’s like a ten minute walk. But it’s far from the safety of the changing table and the upholstered rocking chair where every hour I’d nurse him with the Boppy and my Purell and my water bottles all lined up like little soldiers. As each week marched on, I felt just a little more adventurous. More and more at home in my new mommy skin. More and more ready to widen my worldview beyond my precious Mr. P. I was ready to include something new. Just a little something-something. But what?

Well, that day on our walk, I noticed that the beautiful building was changing hands. Gone was the old flooring business that had occupied it for so long. Inside I could see piles of paintings and art being hung on the walls. I stopped in my tracks. I saw a sign in the window “Artists Wanted.” I did not know what it was but I knew that I wanted to be a part of it.

I soon met with Renee who founded the gallery. I found out it was a co-op of local artists. How cool!

Now, I’ve been a part of the gallery for 8 months. One thing I loved about Renee’s description of the gallery was that she called it an “art home” – I truly feel like The Word Is Art is my art home.

I have a place to show my work. I’ve met so many amazing local artists that I’m thrilled to say have become good friends. I work about one shift a week – that’s one shift a week. I meet so many local people who are thrilled the gallery is here.

Another thing I was pretty excited about was the opportunity to be featured in the Venice window. I would have the whole window to myself for three whole weeks and host a special event where I’d be the featured artist. I was exhilarated by the possibility, daunted by all the questions: What would I do? How would I find the time? What new work would I create? Who would I invite? What would the theme be for my event? Food? Wine? Entertainment? Where would Mr. P be through all of this? Could I be artist, writer, dreamer and mommy all at the same time?

Well… in retrospect, I am able to tell you I did it. The event was over a month ago and just now I am coming up for air to blog about it. I will write again and tell you all about it. For now, I just wanted to jump in and share some of the backstory. If you have about 15 minutes to spare, I’d love you to check out my interview. Renee interviewed me the day before my event and her husband Jon filmed and edited the video. Yet another wonderful part about the gallery, it’s so nice to be celebrated and how great to be interviewed. Click here to watch the interview.

I’ll be posting again soon with a photo essay of the whole event.

Until then, darling readers… Wishing you wonderful things.




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A Day In Pictures: Patchwork Santa Ana

If you read my post last week about Patchwork Long Beach, you probably thought to yourself ‘Wow, life can’t get much better than that.’ Then came Patchwork Santa Ana. Something about the vibe, energy and location of this Patchwork made the event even more quirkily colorful and eclectically inspiring. If you haven’t seen the fantastic article in the OC Register about Patchwork Santa Ana, check it out here.

First stop, the Clean Getaway Soap Co to see soapmakers Lindsey and Mikel Stone. I got a sample of this “best soap on earth” at Craftcation and was dying to get my hands on some more…

So was my husband. He picked out a whole bunch. And now our whole place smells amazing.

The crowds were a-buzzing. Every booth I stopped by had people coming and going and oohing and aahing.

I just had to stop in to see Jeanette of Sweet Perversion. I bought one of Jeannette’s cards for one of my most beloved F-bomb-dropping friends at Unique LA this February. Jeannette and I got to talking and she told me all about Craftcation and Patchwork. I’m forever grateful!

If you haven’t seen the Sweet Perversion line of “quaintly crass greetings, sweet stationery and printed goodness,” treat yourself to some fun and check it out here.

More Sweet Perversion goodies…

We stopped by the Home Skillet for some fries and kale salad…

We felt more amazing energy of the pumped-up crowd… Did I mention it was about a million degrees out? No one seemed to mind.

We stopped by Sass and Peril to check out their zoo of creations. It was hard not to buy one of everything. I think we came close. I saw on their Facebook page the next day that their Raccoon and Pirate Kitty screenprints are in the new Kindle Fire commercial. How cool is that?

We stopped in the Road Less Traveled Store, owned by Patchwork co-creator Delilah Snell. Love this window treatment!

That welcome sign is so welcoming just like the store itself…

Here’s just a taste of the many live musicians there that day…

Go Patchwork! Now the countdown is on for Patchwork Culver City at Helms Bakery on June 10th. I better get back to work getting Said The Butterfly ready! Will I see you there? I hope so.

Thank you darling readers for reading this, for being here, for being you.

Love, Melissa


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A Day In Pictures: Patchwork Long Beach

Nothing gets me more fired up than seeing artists, designers and crafters all in one place selling their unique, handmade goods. Except maybe when there’s also live music and food trucks… That’s why I planned my May around the Patchwork Indie Arts and Crafts Festivals. First stop, Patchwork Long Beach on Sunday May 20th. Even though we had an action-packed day for my husband Bob’s birthday, we made Patchwork a huge part of our day of fun.

As soon as we arrived we ran into some new friends… it’s such a tiny little world! That’s Sim on the left, yours truly in the middle and Jamie on the right. All of the products in Jamie’s company, Maisha Designs, were handmade in Tanzania by members of a women’s tailoring group. Proceeds help support programming that promotes the alleviation of poverty. How amazing is that? Check out the Maisha Designs Facebook page here.

Then, we were instantly drawn to the live music… we tried to capture a shot of this darling little girl playing her red piano but alas, the moment had passed.

Food trucks! As much as I love the concept of food trucks, I have never actually eaten at one…

Until now! I made a B-line to The Lobsta Truck for a lobster roll. That is my idea of heaven on earth.

Bob had something else in mind. A red velvet cookie ice cream sandwich for the birthday boy!

I love this idea by ISM: A Community Project. They support collaborative creativity by producing international art experiments and providing free public programs. They were at Patchwork spreading the good word about their “Cheers” project. The idea: pick up a coaster and use the blank back as a canvas to share your paintings, photos or poetry.

All coasters will be on display at the ISM 10 year anniversary exhibition on July 7, 2012. I picked up three… I better get to work!

As a stationary lover and creator, I was totally drawn to the Merry Blues Art booth and was so happy to meet Ana Belen. What can I say, Ana’s setup is just awesome and so are her eco-friendly cards and products. The view of the water is a pretty magical backdrop. Check out Merry Blues Art on Facebook here.

There were so many mind-blowing products and booths. Of course I didn’t capture them all, but here are a few more favorites… Here’s Camille Larson of Garden Gnome Arts. Turquoise is my favorite color so I’m pretty sure that’s what magnetized me to her booth.

Her work is so smiley and bright…

I told you I love turquoise! So when I saw the official Backyard in a Jar “Jam Van” in person I was so excited. I was even happier to catch Patchwork co-creators Nicole Stevenson, left, and Delilah Snell, right, together. These super-crafty ladies are also the dynamic duo behind the Craftcation DIY and Indie Business conference I went to in Ventura in Late March.

Backyard in a Jar is Delilah’s line of hand-crafted artisan preserves from the yards & farms of Southern California. I wish I had gotten a shot of the white picket fence that lined the side of her booth. So charming! Check out the Backyard in a Jar Facebook page here.

Random Nicole! It was so great seeing all of Nicole’s one-of-a-kind clothing, art and accessories. I especially went crazy over the quirky-awesome hand-sewn onesies and t-shirts. Check out the Random Nicole Facebook page here.

Here’s Bob checking out the onesies… And please note, Bob is still wearing his bright yellow pit pass from the 3-year-old’s monster truck birthday party we had been to that morning. Always an adventure!

Here’s an example of two creators working together to share a space. On the left, Gilded Moon Jewelry. On the right, Two Hand Design. Not my finest photography moment, it’s a little dark, but nonetheless…

I am such a fan of the artful and iconic nature of Two Hand Design.

And I love the soulful pieces by Gilded Moon Jewelry.

Well… that’s my photo journey of Patchwork Long Beach. This post is dedicated to all of the amazing creators out there, you rule! And a special birthday shout-out to my partner-in-Patchwork-crime that day, the birthday boy himself, my husband Bob. Here’s a shot of him enjoying some delicious wine at his birthday dinner later that night…


Now I better get back to work getting my Said The Butterfly gifts and goodies ready for Patchwork Culver City! Will I see you there? I hope so.

Thank you darling readers for reading this, for being here, for being you!

Love, Melissa


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A Day In Pictures: Stems Mother’s Day Art Show

I had such a great time at the Mother’s Day show at Stems Floral Design last weekend. It was an exciting day debuting the new line of Said The Butterfly originals plus all kinds of new items including bookmarks, notebooks and tiles. Most of all I loved sharing all of this with great friends old and new. So much to tell, so much to share. I’ll let the photos do most of the talking.

Here I am all set up and ready to go:

I can’t even tell you how exciting it is seeing all twenty originals as cards as last.

Tiles! Brand new Said The Butterfly offering…

Part of my new improved display thanks to soooo much new knowledge and inspiration from the Craftcation Indie Business and DIY conference I went to in late March.

First buyer of the day. She got teary eyed when she saw the “You’re My Favorite Song” card. I love love love knowing what speaks to people. I also love that that line came from a poem I wrote for my husband Bob for his 30th birthday a few years ago.

And there’s Bob! Taking a yoga break/lesson from Lincoln. Bob needed the break after helping me setup all morning. Lincoln is such a great teacher!

Lincoln picked out a few things. So did his Mama.

Bookmarks for Mother’s Day! Anthony, Francesca and Giana. They were going to add these to their Mother’s Day cards. Good thinking…

The Lublin clan. I think they bought one of everything, including an original. Selling an original is always especially meaningful to me. This one was “Life is one great big unfolding yes.” Jenn is the inspired and gifted photographer behind my recent Said The Butterfly photo shoot.

Maria! A Mother’s Day gift :)

I bet Judy is going to fill up this whole journal. How exciting :)

A print for Susan. “Every time I think of you I smile inside and out.” I am so in love with seeing which pieces speak to people.

Bernadette spotting! Bern is my oldest (as in I have known her the very longest since freshman year in high school back east) friend in LA and one of the most avid readers I know.

You guessed it! That’s my sister Lauren making a few Said The Butterfly purchases. I love that she didn’t even know I had tiles. It’s not often that Lauren does not know something about me. Is that smile priceless or what?

Courtney brings in the aloha…

A journal for Christina’s mom :) Christina was also selling her amazing creations at this show. Keep scrolling, you’ll see.

Gemma Del Rio and her magnificent scarves. I love how bright they are. They look so great blowing in the breeze. Peacocks and butterflies and leaves and flowers and abstracts, oh my!

Sarah Munoz of TSB Designs. That’s short for The Space Between. Her jewelry is stunning and so unique. Happy to say I have several pieces I’ve gotten as gifts from my sister.

Christina Pezzolo and her magical mermaid handmade wrap towels. I love how her daughter was her model in those photos in the front. Priceless!

There were about nine of us artists. I didn’t get pictures of everyone, but there was so much creativity flowing that day.

Happy shoppers, sunny gorgeous day. On more than one instance I found myself saying “I feel like I’m in a movie set.” That’s how charming Stems is.

More happy shoppers…

Yes, that is the ocean right across the way from Stems and its home in magical Malaga Cove. This place will always have an extra special place in my heart because my sweet, darling mentor and friend Gemma Taccogna‘s studio was in Malaga Cove for years way back when, way before my time here in Los Angeles. But her tile work is still all over the plaza… and of course, so is her spirit.

A big Said The Butterfly thank you to Katie, the owner of Stems and the mastermind behind this fabulous show. Thank you Katie!

My next show is Patchwork Culver City and I’m super-beyond-excited for that too.

Thank you friends old and new, near and far for showing me so much love that day. You are appreciated more than you’ll ever know. And thank you darling readers for reading this, for being here, for being you!

Love, Melissa


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