My Art Home: The Word Is Art Gallery

In between where I live and downtown Culver City, on the corner of Venice and Bagley, there’s a beautiful building I’ve long admired. One day, when Mr. P was just barely two months old (8 weeks and three days as we counted in those early, foggy days), he and I made the grand voyage from home to downtown.

Then, this felt like eons away. In reality, it’s like a ten minute walk. But it’s far from the safety of the changing table and the upholstered rocking chair where every hour I’d nurse him with the Boppy and my Purell and my water bottles all lined up like little soldiers. As each week marched on, I felt just a little more adventurous. More and more at home in my new mommy skin. More and more ready to widen my worldview beyond my precious Mr. P. I was ready to include something new. Just a little something-something. But what?

Well, that day on our walk, I noticed that the beautiful building was changing hands. Gone was the old flooring business that had occupied it for so long. Inside I could see piles of paintings and art being hung on the walls. I stopped in my tracks. I saw a sign in the window “Artists Wanted.” I did not know what it was but I knew that I wanted to be a part of it.

I soon met with Renee who founded the gallery. I found out it was a co-op of local artists. How cool!

Now, I’ve been a part of the gallery for 8 months. One thing I loved about Renee’s description of the gallery was that she called it an “art home” – I truly feel like The Word Is Art is my art home.

I have a place to show my work. I’ve met so many amazing local artists that I’m thrilled to say have become good friends. I work about one shift a week – that’s one shift a week. I meet so many local people who are thrilled the gallery is here.

Another thing I was pretty excited about was the opportunity to be featured in the Venice window. I would have the whole window to myself for three whole weeks and host a special event where I’d be the featured artist. I was exhilarated by the possibility, daunted by all the questions: What would I do? How would I find the time? What new work would I create? Who would I invite? What would the theme be for my event? Food? Wine? Entertainment? Where would Mr. P be through all of this? Could I be artist, writer, dreamer and mommy all at the same time?

Well… in retrospect, I am able to tell you I did it. The event was over a month ago and just now I am coming up for air to blog about it. I will write again and tell you all about it. For now, I just wanted to jump in and share some of the backstory. If you have about 15 minutes to spare, I’d love you to check out my interview. Renee interviewed me the day before my event and her husband Jon filmed and edited the video. Yet another wonderful part about the gallery, it’s so nice to be celebrated and how great to be interviewed. Click here to watch the interview.

I’ll be posting again soon with a photo essay of the whole event.

Until then, darling readers… Wishing you wonderful things.




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