A Day In Pictures: Patchwork Culver City

This past Sunday was a major milestone for me. My first ever big show for Said The Butterfly. There could not have been a more ideal setting for this major event in the life of my beloved brand than the Patchwork Indie Arts and Crafts Festival at Helms Bakery in Culver City.

Here I am proudly presenting the booth for a quick iPhone shot to share with my Facebook friends. This is taken just seconds after an almost-meltdown full of pre-show jitters.

Why the jitters you ask? This was my first time having a whole booth to fill. 8 x 8 feet. So the pressure was on to get all my products there, make sure they were presented well AND to somehow make the booth look like more than a folding table in the middle of an empty space. There’s also the huge factor that I was putting it all out there for the public to see…

This is no longer all of my artwork hanging in the comfort of my treasure-filled home. This is wearing the entire contents of my heart on my sleeve for the world to see. Was I nervous? Yes, yes, YES! Thankfully, with the help of the excellent/fearless/energizing/tireless Bob Gustafson, AKA my awesome husband, we pulled it all together at the last second. Here’s Bob sporting two pocket-fuls of bookmarks and that smile and two-thumbs-up attitude that never seems to go away. Love this guy so much!

Here’s the whole booth…

New banner… new card display…

Bookmarks in vases…

Magnets and tiles… the mailing list sign-up… And my first time using Square to accept credit cards. I’m starting to feel like a real live business and it’s feels so good.

So back to the display set up: I happily repurposed some hinged doors that I found in the trash over five years ago. We wrapped them in white wrapping paper to cover the coffee and paint stains from its one-time life as my studio tabletop. Then, we hung a bunch of originals. We also hung one of my prints in the IKEA Ribba shadowbox frame that makes my prints look extra amazing without spending a ton on framing.

For a final lucky touch, I draped the doors with the magic-tasseled multi-colored sash I have had since I was about 15 years old. (Hello, that was twenty years ago!) I still remember the day I bought it in El Quetzal, one of my all-time favorite shops in Philadelphia’s darling Chestnut Hill. Finally, I added the last minute beaded butterfly and the world started to feel right again.

Then the real fun began… the booth quickly filled-up with so many amazing people. New friends…

Friends from way back when… so nice to see Rachel!

All kinds of people were drawn to Said The Butterfly… this sweet woman below is a first grade teacher. She bought “I started a list of things I love about you I stopped when I reached the moon” to hang in her classroom. She’s planning on doing activities centered around the message of the print. Such a beautiful idea for a 1st grade classroom. I love seeing how my work speaks to people and what it inspires. This will never cease to amaze me.

Matching journals for matching striped sisters…

Nothing makes me happier than seeing people enjoy my work. Happy, happy!

We got a special guest appearance by the 17-day-old Olivia Alyx! Big props to her brave mama for bringing her out to see us that day.

I loved seeing Gemma Del Rio and Beth. We have such great memories of our magic days of painting and creating with the one-and-only Gemma Taccogna.

These ladies bought the “Forever starts today” tile as a high school graduation gift. I am so amazed that while most of my pieces are not intended for specific occasions they somehow speak directly to what people are looking for. I am so grateful for that…

Awesome to see Angela… Her husband, Tyson, is the mastermind carpenter behind the wood card display. Have I mentioned I am in love with this display? It fits more than I ever imagined… better than I ever imagined. Thank you Tyson!

Balance is beautiful tile for Nora! Can’t wait to see how she displays it. This girl has got style.

So nice to see our neighbors from our complex at home.

Enough about Said The Butterfly! Now onto the show at large…

Meet my Patchwork neighbors Bird and Feather and Sun and Glory. When I first got my Patchwork booth assignment, I knew I was in for a treat when I saw their names. I couldn’t wait to meet them and see their work. As you can see, their creations are both earthy and elegant. They set up the most ethereal and welcoming booth-shop.

Meet my other Patchwork neighbor, Skin Like Butter. Her scrumptious body products had a line of admirers all day long… including my sister who still can’t stop raving about her new lotion.

I was so excited to run into ReMade in LA. We met at Craftcation in March. It was so cool to see the way designer Eeling reinvents old shirts from “charity shops” into renewed one-of-a-kind designs.

I’m pretty sure this ice cream pop stand was the show-stopper-hit-of the day. Everywhere I looked people were licking up a storm on these heavenly fruit and ice-cream pops. Of course I had to have one… and so did Bob. Heaven on a hot day! (In all my excitment, I lost their business card! If anyone knows the name and website of these amazing pop-creators, please comment below!)

There were multiple “wings” of Patchwork goodness… here’s a peak into ours.

More colorful creators…

So that’s the scoop on my first big show ever! Now it’s back to work restocking the Said The Butterfly Etsy shop.

Before I signoff, I must end with some major gratitude:

I am so grateful to Patchwork co-creators Nicole Stevenson and Delilah Snell for making such a creative community event exist – I’m thrilled to be a part of it.

I am so grateful to everyone who came to show some Said The Butterfly love at Patchwork. There are tons more pictures of all of you on the Said The Butterfly Facebook page. Be sure to “like” the page for updates and fun. Please comment to say hello! I love hearing from you so much.

I’m so grateful to my husband Bob for all the setup patience, manpower and love. And I’m super grateful to my dear, dear friend Bernadette Cosgrove for all the help packing up the booth at the end of the day. I’m so lucky!

Thank you darling readers for reading this, for being here, for being you.

Love, Melissa


Update on the Said The Butterfly Facebook drawing! We reached our 203 fans (and now we have 210, woohoo!) and had our drawing. Huge thanks to all who participated and congrats to our winners:

Jenn of JennKL Photography: notebook winner

Julie of A Little Bite of Life: magnet winner


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