Happy Birthday Team Said The Butterfly

This is the flagship piece for Said The Butterfly. Full of treasures, flowers, little hand-carved skulls and mostly, filled with love and inspiration.

Exactly a year ago today I launched the Said The Butterfly page on Facebook. I sat there and held my breath as one by one friends and followers discovered the page and clicked the famed “Like” button. Then, finally, I relaxed into it and suddenly there were so many of you. It felt so amazing to “get it out there.” Now a year later, it feels so energizing to have a place to instantly share thoughts and discoveries and most of all, to share new work. For example, last week I shared the just-finished “Forever Starts Today” and it was beyond energizing to keep getting so many thumbs ups! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

If this is your very first time reading about Said The Butterfly, please know I am so glad you are here. And I would love for you to join in on the creativity and inspiration. If you haven’t seen the Said The Butterfly website, you can check it out here. If you are so inspired, please “like” the Said The Butterfly Facebook page here. I promise to only share the positive, the beautiful, the magic, the soulful and of course… the creative.

As a special first birthday present to all of you supporters and believers in Said The Butterfly, I want to extend a 15% discount on any purchase made in my Said The Butterfly Etsy shop to all the likers/lovers of the Facebook page. This offer will be good for a whole week: from today until Monday April 9th at noon. (Good news, if you are just liking the Facebook page now, you can still get the discount!) The super secret coupon code is SAIDTHEBUTTERFLYONE.

With love and gratitude,