10 Reasons to Say Yes To Good Things Darling

This blog has been alive for far less than a week and already I feel even more alive that I already did. It’s inspiring to me and I hope it will be inspiring to you. So I’ve come up with a list of reasons for you to consider as you answer the question on the right here. Want Good Things Darling delivered to your inbox?

"Yes" is one of my favorite words. It's also one of the original 10 paintings that I made in the fall of 2010 that inspired me to officially create the brand Said The Butterfly.

Here are my top ten reasons to sway your thought process in the direction of yes:

1. You are an artist, writer and/or dreamer. It’s important for us like-minded souls to stick together, to share our work, hopes and dreams.

2. You think you don’t have a creative bone in your body. You claim you cannot draw a stick figure. I believe that everyone is an artist in one way or another. Creativity is the lifeblood of everything on this earth. Stick around and I’d love to talk with you more about that.

3. You were part of Gemma’s “famiglia.” I treasure you and the memories we share. I know I have my own unique experience of my five years in Gemma’s studio. I know you do too. Let’s keep sharing and connecting.

4. You know Gemma’s work but never met her. I am interested in your stories. If you own Gemma’s artwork I’d love to see it.

"The Beginning." One of the very first pieces I ever did in Gemma's class in May of 2002. She insisted I sign it and gave me the frame to frame it right away. Now that's a celebration of creativity.

5. You do not know who Gemma Taccogna is. She was a world-renowned artist and teacher I was lucky enough to call my mentor and my darling friend. Through this blog you will meet her through my stories and posts. You can also meet Gemma through the documentary made by her wonderful granddaughter Evie.

6. You love positive, colorful blogs. I know how you feel. I love Design*Sponge. I love Seth Godin. I love Artist in the Arctic. I love A Little Bite of Life. These blogs come to me and I think – ooh – a little treat! I promise you Good Things Darling will be full of treats.

7. You have your passion project but… you’re waiting for the right moment/courage/finances to make it happen. I hope that watching me “wing it” as I launch Said The Butterfly and Good Things Darling will show you it doesn’t have to be perfect. It just has to be. Afterall, isn’t winging it how you fly?

"Dream of the Sunrise Diver." Mixed Media on Canvas, 2011. This is one of my most recent paintings, a commission for a U.S. Navy Diver who happens to be my amazing brother. My life is a journey to, through and between all of my paintings. I am honored to share it with you.

8. You are stuck in the land of maybe. I would love to introduce you to a life of yes and no. Stay tuned for this, one of my favorite most treasures lessons from Gemma. Hint: It will take some bravery but you don’t have to do anything but trust your instincts.

9. You are a fan of my painting and are curious how it all happens. I’d love to give you a peek into my world as I paint and create. I’ll share works in progress. I’ll share the big news when I get new commissions. I’ll tell you the truth when I feel completely and utterly freaked out about what the next step should be.

10. You didn’t need all of these reasons but you enjoyed reading them anyway. Thank you, darling friend.

So what do you think? I’m feeling a resounding yes. If you are too, please visit the box on the right here and enter your email address. You’ll get Good Things Darling delivered to your inbox.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Your comments, thoughts and ideas are welcome and encouraged. Please share using the comment field below.

You’re Invited: An Adventure, A Journey And A Party All Rolled Into One

Dear darling readers,

I do not know who you are or who you will become. I do know you are wonderful and I value you, each and every one of you. Yes, you too. I value you.

Good Things Darling is more than a blog to me. It’s three words that capture the spirit of my late and darling friend Gemma Taccogna. She was also my mentor in a creative way of life. When I first moved to California, she welcomed me with open arms and cups of coffee into her studio and community of friends, artists and “famiglia.” Everything and everyone was abundant with love and creativity. For almost exactly five years, Gemma’s studio was a creative oasis for me. I’d paint and create and laugh and cry and through it all so much changed. I went from caterpillar to butterfly and back again. I learned to draw with my eyes closed, to trust my instincts more than I ever had before, to get in touch with my creative fountainhead. I was splendid. I was brave. And I made about a million pieces of art each of which holds a universe of secrets and discoveries about my thoughts, hopes, fears and celebrations.

Gemma Taccogna and Melissa Renzi
One of my favorite pictures of Gemma and me. Summer of 2006.

As this journey unfolds, I will tell you more about Gemma. She’s a big part of my story, my journey and my history. She also taught me to “live in the now with the responsibility for tomorrow” so I will not only be looking backwards on these amazing and valuable memories but looking ahead to a bright and brilliant future. I will also be sharing celebrations of this very present moment. Like right now, I’ve just come back from a walk around my neighborhood in Los Angeles. The cars are whizzing by on our very busy street but the slow breeze is moving the palms of the tree out my window so slowly and gracefully that it’s genuinely poetic. To me, that’s a good thing.

Other good things: Said The Butterfly. My brand new line of inspired cards, gifts and creations. I am winging it and figuring out how to launch this passion of mine as a business. I learn as I go. More good things: Something delightful I’ve stumbled upon. A person I just have to introduce you to. A shelf in my studio that I continually rearrange full of pictures and treasures. These are the things you can come to expect from me and from this blog. One day it will be a book. I’ve written exactly one chapter so far. I love it already. You just wait and see. I will thank you in the thank you section because already you’ve helped me fly.

Right now, I thank you for being a part of this journey. For reading these words. For sharing them with people you care about. This is an adventure, a journey and a party all rolled into one. I will leave you with the parting wish that Gemma left me and countless other lucky artists and friends. It’s a wish, a promise, a peek and a hope. As Gemma would say, “Good things darling.”

Thank you for reading this. I’m excited to share this journey with you. With love and gratitude, Melissa Renzi